Singapore-centered global strategies

@ Mashup Singapore, we study and develop business schemes optimized for the Asian region
that we deliver from one of the world's largest business hubs, Singapore.


Business expansion smoothly reaching
all Asian countries

Drawing on Singapore's easily accessible location to leading markets in Asia, we successfully develop businesses in
Japan, Greater China, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.


Service tackling markets of
1,340 million people in Greater China &
600 million people in ASEAN

ASEAN is a growing market that has been attracting great deal of attention from all over the world.
Mashup Singapore intends to become a base that oversees trends in this market and thus is capable of offering
the best solutions in system integration and sales promotion tailored for each country.

Mashup Singapore's 2 core businesses

@ Mashup Singapore, we create and structure businesses all across Asia,
with Sales Promotion and System Integration as our core operations,
that we deliver from one of the world's largest business hubs, Singapore.

Sales Promotion

Event Promotion

Event promotion targeting the Greater China area and ASEAN countries with many Chinese residents and locally-born Chinese descendants.
We provide marketing communication solutions that integrate planning, management, promoting and advertising at international exhibitions, trade fairs and promotion events. We can even construct and run the booth that best matches your purpose to exhibit at such events, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your participation.
Exhibition history: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Taipei

Sales Promotion

Highly effective promotion through the use of marketing platforms and big data in Greater China area.
We build information leads that go viral among consumers by selecting the media that best suits the target as well as through cross-media marketing.
Media: Social networking, Internet advertising, magazine advertising, outdoor advertising

System Integration

System Development

Development of all sorts of web systems backed by our engineers' rich achievements in this field.
We provide high-quality services at a low price. We made this possible by dividing the whole process by location, that is, having the upstream processes, such as definition of requirements, done in Japan, and the detailed design and development being carried out in Vietnam.

Infrastructure Solution

Building and operation of clouds compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs.
Drawing on our experience in running physical servers (Bare-Metal) in ASEAN region, we can offer infrastructure solutions considering all of the possible types of server―whether there should be cloud, physical server, or a combination of both―, upon identifying the zone where you consider implementing the service, as well as grasping the details of the contents to be delivered.

Project example.1

Exhibited at Shanghai Convention
Mashup Singapore offered support to Japanese companies from participation all the way to booth construction and running at the convention held in Shanghai. At the same time, we prepared customized influencers, engaged in viral promotion using social networks optimized for Greater China area, and realized highly effective branding strategies through cross-media marketing.

Project example.2

Online Dating System
This is an online dating service using Facebook social graphs that has been expanding its market among active users around the world in recent years.
At MashupSingapore, we are dedicated to developing smartphone-specific service systems for online dating as well as providing server maintenance.

Project example.3

Voice/Video Call System
Mashup Singapore develops, operates and maintains VoIP chat applications.
We offer you access to both voice and video chatting via iPhone and Android applications from anywhere in the world.

Project example.4

Actual Store Coupon System
This is a coupon application (iOS/Android) for promotional ends we provide to the company running the shop. It embeds the ICT usage linked to the shop by enhancing features such as collection of points and their exchange for coupons, as well as the entertainment features.

Corporate Overview

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